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Perry Supply can handle your total logistics requirements from pick-up, inland domestic transport, packaging, and containerization to delivery throughout the world.  Every day, we purchase, receive, pack, and consolidate hundreds of items destined for export shipment.  We have “tons of experience” at handling export and import shipments – and can provide real-time, web-based tracking 24 hours a day.  If you need to ship a complete manufacturing plant from Europe to South America, we’ve done it.  You can count on Perry Supply to eliminate the headaches of international export or import shipments.  We’re experienced from A to Z at handling freight forwarding requirements both domestically and internationally.

Licensed Freight Forwarding

(Federal Maritime Commission – Ocean Transportation Intermediary License# 17611NF)

Perry Supply receives domestic shipments, packs and ships primarily by container, and exports oceanic shipments and airfreight shipments on a daily basis.  Each shipment is accompanied by a corresponding file containing all pertinent documentation as specified by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).  All shipments containing materials from sources other than Perry Supply are identified on a separate Bill of Lading.  All charges for shipments / services are invoiced and identified separately with proper references.


Major components of mining equipment such as engines, transmissions, torque converters, and final drive assemblies are often shipped back to the U.S. for repair or alteration.  Perry Supply has constructed special shipping standards for these components to protect against damage, and to provide security during transit.  Other items such as large electric motors, pumps, and gearing are also imported for repair.  Our standard shipping procedures ensure that items imported are protected from intrusion.  Our systems also track cargo from the time it’s loaded inland, transported to the closest port, loaded on a vessel, transported across the ocean, received at the port of entry, and transported inland to the final destination.

All of our customs brokers are members of the BASC (Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition), which have developed procedures to prevent contamination of imported materials.  Domestic customs brokers are allowed to utilize our freight tracking system (view only) in order to authenticate documentation before entry.  We handle most imports as a  freight forwarder, working in conjunction with our contracted licensed customs brokers at  each port of entry.


Our web-based freight tracking system (password accessible to authorized users through our website www.perrysupply.com) monitors cargo movement from departure through delivery.  The system allows customers to view complete documentation – including packing lists for each individual pallet and full container, commercial invoice, and purchase order numbers.  All information can be downloaded for sorting and printing.  Experience has proven that a proactive approach to documentation is necessary to address both U.S. and international customs concerns over security, and to best minimize supply chain delays.

Recent Logistics Projects

• Movement of numerous large shovels, excavators, rock trucks, and various mobile equipment.

• Disassembly, packing, loading, and transport of a complete coal preparation plant.

• International transport of heavy mining and industrial related material and equipment including:  25,000 R/Ts from Germany;

9,000 R/Ts from the Philippines; 11,000 R/Ts from Colorado; and 12,000 R/Ts from Western Canada.

Perry Supply is a member of the American Freight Forwarders Association and the Council of Logistics.